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A photo of Athens taken by a Norwegian abroad. 
Photo: Birgitta Lim Ersland.

One of the priority tasks of foreign service missions is to assist Norwegians who have run into difficulties abroad. Below please find a summary of the kind of assistance that the foreign service missions may provide - and what they may not provide. Read more

Do you need help with translating official documents? Read more

The Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 makes it possible for official documents from one of the countries that has joined the convention to become valid in one of the other countries that has joined the convention, by the application of an Apostille-stamp. Both Norway, Cyprus and Greece have joined the convention. The Apostille-stamp confirms the validity of a public official’s signature Read more

Photo: Petter Foss/MFA Norway.

If you became a Norwegian citizen at birth and you do not live in Norway for at least two years, or in Nordic countries for at least seven years, before you turn 22, you must apply to keep your Norwegian citizenship. Read more

Photo: Visit Norway.

Do you want to get married in Greece, Cyprus or Norway? Read more

Father and son in the park. 
Photo: Stein J. Bjørge/Scanpix.

Applications for Personal Identification Numbers for children born in Greece or Cyprus are to be submitted to the Norwegian Embassy in Athens or the to the Norwegian Consulate in Cyprus. The Personal Identification Number consists of the applicant’s date of birth and a social security number. Read more

You can apply for a passport at the Norwegian Embassy in Athens. Children under the age of 12 years can apply either at the Embassy in Athens, or at the Norwegian Consulates in Rhodos and Cyprus. Opening hours for passport applications at the Embassy are Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 13:00. Read more

What are my rights as a victim of a crime? Do I have the right to receive legal aid? What happens when a person is suspected or accused of a crime which is dealt with by a trial in Court in Greece or Cyprus? Read more